Migrant Responsible for Arson Attack on Notre Dame Cathedral?

Notre Dame Cathedral on fire

The historic Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, was set alight on Monday, and whilst the mainstream media avoids speaking about the causation of the fire, it’s already becoming obvious that this was not quite a coincidence and presumably no accident either.

For a cathedral that had been standing for 850 years undeterred, to suddenly catch on fire, as Parisian-French nationals enter into the 23rd consecutive running weekend of nationwide protests against Emmanuel Macron in the “Yellow Vests” movement (Giles Jaunes), countering his dangerous immigration policy (UN Migration Pact), and with his hefty planned taxations under the guise of “fake” climate change, the causation of this fire, could very well be that of a Muslim migrant who is just the latest arsonist in recent church burnings and acts of vandalism on Christian and Catholic places of worship in France over years.

Last month, a 40-year old Pakistani Muslim migrant (who arrived in France only two months before), vandalised the Basilica of Saint-Denis, which is located in a suburb of Northern Paris, named Saint-Denis, which has recently been classed as a “No Go Zone,” due to the area being almost exclusively inhabited by Arabs and Muslims, and people from Islamic nations, who live around the the basilica’s circumference.

The 40-year old man was arraigned in court on Friday last week, for vandalising two doors, and several stained glass windows, after being caught through his DNA being found inside and on the Basilica, then later claimed that he does not understand the French judicial system, so his court date has been rearranged to the 10th of May. That’s crazy!

So, do you think it’s just another coincidence why the Notre Dame Cathedral has now caught on fire? How did it really happen? The mainstream media say that it occurred during the renovation, but, what renovations do you know of anywhere in the world and during human history, where an 850 year old church catches on fire whilst it’s being renovated?

Think logically, it hasn’t ever happened in a full 850 years at the Notre Dame, and it’s unthinkable to think that there isn’t information now being withheld from the public.

Drone footage of Notre Dame fire

This drone footage shows the true scale of the damage to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and to think it was during and due to a renovation makes no sense at all. Credit: DroneFootage

Meanwhile, what has really been happening in France with the increasing regularity, is the vandalisation and arson of churches, and also the increase in “No Go” zones, where a burgeoning hatred for Christians and Catholics is on the rise, due to some haphazard immigration policies from Emmanuel Macron, letting in migrants, without sufficient background checks on those that enter.

What do you really think the 23rd consecutive weekend of French people are out there protesting against in France? They’re protesting against Emmanuel Macron’s systematic plan to destroy the European-Christian country beyond recognition, which is already well under way, and the burning of the Cathedral of Notre Dame is just the latest affront to original French nationals and their values, causing extreme sadness and worldwide outrage, due to the amount of history that has now gone up in flames.

We wouldn’t be surprised if somehow the mainstream media try to blame this on the “Gilets Jaunes” movement and continually cover up and deny the logical link of an arsonist attack from an individual that hates Christians and Catholics, and their places of worship. This Notre Dame fire has all the hallmarks of mass immigration gone awry, something which the Yellow Vests continue to protest every weekend.

Yellow Vests protests Paris

The Yellow Vests protests are bigger than you know or care to think, whom are all against Emmanuel Macron and his plans for ruining France with mass migration. Credit: BlackChristianNews

Breitbart’s Chris Tomlinson wrote, on March 30th:

“French churches are coming increasingly under attack with an average of nearly three churches per day targetted for vandalism alone over the past three years.

A report from the Central Criminal Intelligence Service (SCRC) of the gendarmerie noted that from 2016 to 2018 there had been thousands of cases of church vandalism, peaking in 2017 with 1,045 cases, Le Figaro reports.

According to the French Ministry of the Interior, when cemeteries and other sites are taken into consideration, the number of acts of vandalism rose to 1,063 in 2018.

Earlier this year, in one week alone France saw twelve churches vandalised, including attackers attempting to set fire to the church of Saint-Sulpice in Paris.

In Nimes, an even more heinous attack occurred, with vandals smearing faeces on the wall of the church of Notre-Dame des Enfants and stealing objects from the altar.

In March, the over 800-year-old Basilica of Saint-Denis in the now heavily migrant-populated suburbs of Paris was also vandalised, with the basilica’s organ being heavily damaged and stained glass windows were broken….”

Under Emmanuel Macron’s tenure as French president, the cultural suicide of the nation via mass immigration, and a continual migrant influx from Muslim majority nations, has been rampant, which also included Macron recently signing the UN Migration Pact, which sparked the initial Yellow Vests protests in the first place, that will now surely carry on after the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Emmanuel Macron is seemingly totally anti-French in his policies and which is evidenced by the massive Yellow Vests protests.  Yes, “Napoleon Syndrome” Macron has now caused already irreparable damage to the nation, which is symbolised by the burning of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in an almost a culmination of desecration of the nation, but it’s all set to continue under Macron.

Emanuel Macron vows to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral

Emmanuel Macron looks like a deer caught in the headlights, whilst playing the role of innocent president, but he now has 850 years of history on his hands, that’s gone up in flames. Credit: EPA

It was pivotal for Marine Le Pen to be elected in May of 2017, but now France is very much paying the price, for their lack of hindsight. Now, whilst Emmanuel Macron might believe that the tragic arson attack on the Cathedral of Notre Dame will unite the country in mourning, many French people will not be surprised if this is the biggest attack on French culture ever, and on the dawn of the Easter holidays, as well.

The damage to Notre Dame Cathedral includes the complete damage to the historic organ, the spine of the cathedral, and the wooden roof, along with numerous historic ornaments and the effigy of Jesus Christ within, during the French contractors Le Bras Freres £5million refurbishment. But, who or what caused the fire?

The mainstream media and French news channels claim that the Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire with a “stray flame” and say it is not an act of arson or terrorism, but if you factor in the the fact, that there’s been an average of about three acts of vandalism on Christian and Catholic churches in France, per day (since 2017), then you do the math and try to figure out how this devastating fire really broke out.

Notre Dame cathedral before the fire

The Notre Dame Cathedral before the fire, and this rebuild will take many years. Credit: mentalfloss

In related news, a Muslim migrant looking for love back in 2016, was arrested for a plot to blow up the Notre Dame Cathedral by use of blowing up gan canisters, but this has no relation to yesterday’s fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral. Yes, and her trial date has been set for September 23rd.

So, now we await more news of how the official narrative of the causation of this fire in Notre Dame’s Cathedral first broke out, and how it will be told, plus as to exactly how much damage to the interior of the Cathedral occurred and the damage to any treasures inside, which have now gone up in flames. However, these pictures do not lie, as much as we know that the mainstream news media does.

Plus, it’s also worth noting that the historic building of Notre Dame Cathedral, first commenced construction between March and April 25th of 1163 (855 years ago), in order for one just to gauge how much history was damaged in the Notre Dame Cathedral fire.

Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

The Notre Dame Cathedral fire obliterated 850 years of history. Many people now suspect that socialist cultural enrichment is the main cause for the devastating fire. Credit: AFPGetty

Moreover, there’s never been a fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in almost a thousand years (give or take), but since Emmanuel Macron’s election in May of 2017, there’s been a significant rise in terror attacks and vandalism on churches in France. Coincidence? We don’t really believe in those, but let’s wait and see what the mainstream media will report in the coming days as their official narrative for the Notre Dame fire.

This is truly terrible and tragic news, to see one of the world’s finest and most historic Cathedrals go up in flames in Paris, under very mysterious circumstances, that are still yet unknown to the public. If Marine Le Pen was president, this would never have happened… Emmanuel Macron must have the lowest approval rating in the history of world politics, unless voted and rated for, by illegal migrants.


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