No Collusion! No Obstruction! Redacted Mueller Report Released!

Good Friday everyone! Yesterday Robert Mueller’s report was released in redacted form, from the special counsel that found no Russian collusion, and therefore logically, no obstruction. But, that won’t stop the falsifying mockingbird mainstream news media from pandering to their dwindling base of viewers, whom have all been falsely pursuing and subscribing to a “Russia Hoax” for the better part of three years. But, only one word sums all of that up, SAD

Yes, as now the deep state cohorts in the mainstream news media mull over an already released 448-page Mueller report that found “no collusion,” and now start to bring overkill into the “Russia Hoax” investigation even after the full report has been released, complete with biased talking heads, whilst it was already deemed that there was “no obstruction” by Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein and by Attorney General, Bill Barr, weeks ago.

Yet. now the mockingbird media claim that the Donald Trump isn’t yet cleared of obstruction. Well, guess what? He was already cleared off any obstruction weeks ago, but now the mainstream media will continue with a falsified narrative to keep deranged liberals hooked into more lies over the weekend. This is clearly now only ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ fodder… for lunatics.

William Barr Mueller Report

Attorney General William Barr making his announcement yesterday before releasing the full redacted Mueller report. Credit: AP

The news media narrative about Trump not being cleared for obstruction is solely being done to pander to the delusional base that still believe in the Russia “collusion delusion” for ratings, and more importantly to cover up for the lies that they have been telling the public for the past three years, regarding the now fully debunked notion of any Russian collusion occurring in the Trump administration, before, during or after the 2016 US election.

Now the big coverup is also about avoiding Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s illegal spying on a presidential candidate at Trump tower, in ‘SpyGate,’ prior to the 2016 US election, and also to that of the Clinton Foundation receiving in excess of $145million from Russia, plus the sale of 20% of America’s Uranium to Russia in the ‘Uranium One’ scandal. This was all facilitated by the Democrats under Obama’s tenure, but which the mainstream media will not give credence to, and continue to coverup for their crimes. After all, this is the real Russian collusion, which still needs a proper investigation, and which would be very forthcoming.

Additionally, let’s not forget the Clinton Foundation deep state involvement with that fake Russian dossier dreamt up by ex-British spy Christopher Steele working for Fusion GPS, that manifested a completely false dossier in order to try to impeach the US president with lies.

Complete lies, which is something thats become synonymous with those attempting to impeach Donald Trump, with their ongoing “witch hunt” with Russia “collusion-delusion” since his deserved election as president, which was voted for by no less than 63 million Americans. Yes, Donald Trump is your president.

Donald Trump Im very happy

Donald Trump said “I’m having a good day” upon the release of the redacted Mueller report. Happy Easter! Credit: AP

Now that the Robert Mueller special counsel found “no collusion” and “no obstruction,” the deep state are in panic mode and will continue with lies, deception and try to dream up the next hoax, which is all but apparent to everyone, except to the extremely deluded, the mentally ill and to the true basket case idiots of the world.

The mainstream media are trying to push the narrative of obstruction now, even though, it was already proven that there wasn’t any obstruction weeks ago. Why are we not surprised?

Yes, for obstructionist Democrats and for Satanists, this is very bad news indeed, and now they want the Mueller obstruction dilemma passed onto Congress.

But, for the rest of the world, it is very good news that the redacted Mueller report has been released, after the special counsel investigation exceeded $35million in spending, to find zero evidence of any Russian collusion.

You see? Lies do not hold any weight over the truth, something which you’d think the Democrats would have learnt by now…

So, at a time when the world is ready to celebrate Easter, with churches being burnt down in France (due to Socialist-Satanic open border policies), and yet given the release of the redacted Mueller report which already found “no collusion,” and therefore, “no obstruction” in the 2016 US election, the swamp monsters of the deep state and their lying mainstream media talking heads, are now trying to dream up anything in order to justify the imminent exposed scandals of corrupt Democrats, onto the other side, yet they continue to fall at every hurdle, with their ridiculous “hoaxes”.

Presidentail Harassment

Credit: realDonaldTrump

The mainstream media and the deep state have been engaging in presidential harassment, since all they have left is lies, which is the only narrative that they currently have left…

This is abundantly clear to anyone with half a brain, and things are surely looking rosy for the 2020 US election, since soon it’s time to investigate the other side. So, better luck with the next hoax! You can also enjoy the “No Collusion Remix”song below, which has become a massive hit, and by all means sing along!


Have a Happy Easter Everyone!

Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: DrRichSwier


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