Joe Biden announces 2020 Presidential Run & Bernie Sanders Praises Communist Cuba

Joe Biden vs Bernei Sanders 2020

A video from 1986 of Bernie Sanders making a speech, praising communism and the Fidel Castro revolution in Cuba, has been exposed, which should send out sufficient red flags, as he masks his political agenda under the term “Democratic Socialism,” whilst previously, he’s also publicly stated that he supports Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro in his pursuits of socialism, and we all know how that turned out, don’t we?

Now Bernie Sanders is back in the news for his comments on Monday, at a CNN town hall broadcast, and also for his shocking speech back 1986, where he said about the Cuban revolution, “It seemed right and appropriate that poor people were rising up against ugly rich people.”

Bernie Sanders continues to deny the failures of socialism and Democratic socialism, which is only the prerequisite to full blown communism, and with the Democratic nomination for the 2020 race heating up, make no mistake about Senator Sanders’ true motivations, as a communist, with his communist policies hidden beneath the terminology of “Democratic Socialism.”

During the exposed 1986 video, Bernie Sanders was mayor of Burlington, Vermont, which was recently posted to Twitter by the ‘ReganBattalion’, and the video has been in existence on YouTube for the past couple of months.

Additionally, on Monday, Bernie Sanders said at a CNN town hall event about ISIS fighters and prisoners, that:

“As president, I will do everything in my power to hunt down each and every one of these terrorist scumbags, bring them to the U.S., and allow them to vote in our elections.”

“We believe in democracy, right? We believe in democracy and the right to vote, and if that means I have to use every resource at my disposal to make sure ISIS makes it to the polls, I will do so.”

That pretty much sums up most socialist candidates, since Democrats are needing to supplement and provide socialist handouts to any illegal immigrants, or even prisoners, that would vote them into power. Bernie Sanders truly believes that people in prison, whom are incarcerated should also be able to vote in elections, as part of a U.S. democracy.

This is the desperate lengths that Bernie Sanders will go for ensuring any vote, under the guise of ‘Democratic Socialism,’ which is absolutely shocking!

Bernie Sanders has finally red pilled singer, Cher, who’s finally waking up. Good news! Credit: Cher/Twitter

When president Donald Trump said at the State of the Union address a couple months ago, that “America will never be a socialist country,” the disdain on Bernie Sanders face, was all too clear to see. Let’s take a look, for a recap, shall we?

Yes, Bernie Sanders, who owns several sports cars, and at least four homes, is what you would call a “champagne socialist,” and he knows very well that socialism is just a political mask for incoming “communism”, and you can just look at the scenes in socialist Venezuela, for all the proof that you need. In Venezuela, are in the midst of an on-goiing social uprising, after people have been left to starve, whilst Maduro lives an extravagant lifestyle. This is the extreme consequences of socialism and that’s the prerequisite for a communist dictatorship, supported by Bernie Sanders.

Bernie “Gargamel” Sanders continues to cite Scandinavian countries as great models’ for ‘Democratic Socialism,’ but he is not not paying attention to the current state of those Scandinavian countries, that are and have been burdened with mass immigration. Subsequently, these countries are now becoming strained with their own financial resources, in free education, free healthcare and having to raise the age of retirement to supplement these migrants (in return for socialist votes), since their countries resources cannot stretch that far, for too long, with a growing population due to illegal mass immigration, which are all flagrant socialist policies, you see?

“America will never be a socialist country” said Donald Trump at the SOTU address, and the real dangers of socialism or Democratic socialism are all too plain to see, which is a necessary reminder in consideration of the Democrat nomination of 2020, where Sanders is up against other characters, like Kamala Harris (with ties to Jussie Smollett), and former vice president Joe Biden, aptly named “Creepy Uncle Joe” for the 2020 Democrat nomination.

Creepy Joe Biden 2020

Is Joe Biden really the best option for the Democrats in 2020? The onslaught of video evidence of creepy Joe Biden’s interactions with children, is unforgettable and highly inappropriate. Credit: ar15

But, to pretend that Bernie Sanders isn’t a communist, and to pretend that Barack Obama’s ‘Democratic Socialism’ tenure, wasn’t an “extreme failure” is ludicrous, when compared to Donald Trump’s record breaking economy today.

Donald Trump’s manufacturing deals, with employment reaching record numbers for all ethnicities, plus with huge tax cuts, less regulations, and running the country with a great capitalist “money making” model, proves that he’s “the envy of all presidents” since his business mind set, has beat out all administrations, both past and present, in creating revenue with a continually booming economy.

Joe Biden has now officially confirmed that he will run for the Democratic nomination in 2020, claiming to be the heir of Obama’s legacy and running for the soul of the nation. That’s laughable! But, lets not forget, that under the economic numbers of Obama, with tons of added political scandals, is the former Vice President really a worthy presidential candidate?

One of his first and only policies will be to criticise Donald Trump and play off of numerous Democrat plantation tactics, implemented over decades, to accuse the other side of which you are guilty, as is shown by his new 2020 campaign video.

In the Joe Biden 2020 campaign video, he cites a known false flag, in the manufactured protest of Charlottesville, where both sides were funded by George Soros (aka Obama’s puppeteer), to create division in the nation, over the mainstream cabal news media’s war on race.

How can Joe Biden claim that he’s running for “the soul of the nation”, when the United States is in better financial shape than ever before? The racial division which is claimed in the country in Biden’s campaign video, is solely being portrayed by the mockingbird mainstream media in order to create division and racial tension, but it has been backfiring since the 2016 US election, after being exposed for what it is.

Former economic adviser to George H.W. Bush, Todd Buchholz recently said, “The economy is strong and the unemployment rate is low. So this is an economy that any president of any party would envy.”

This fact, is a stark contrast to socialism and a Democratic socialism model, which sees its economy becoming more strained by the day over time.

Donald Trump recently said, “The stock market and our country from an economic standpoint is doing the best probably it’s ever done. We’re hitting new highs again.”

Todd Buchholz added that any Democrat 2020 hopeful, would find it almost impossible to find a way criticise Donald Trump’s economy, “[Trump’s] driven the economy in a very successful way, and there are very few Democrats that are going to be successful in trying to claim that this economy is not strong.”

As the race for the Democratic nomination for 2020 heats up, it is worth remembering that it’s very easy to pick holes in Bernie Sanders’ communist leanings, and do people really want to go backwards with Joe Biden? The vice president to Barack Obama, who was a clear presidential failure, full of Democrat scandals? So, who will win the Democratic 2020 nomination, tell us your thoughts in the comment section down below.


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