Death of YouTube (Update): “It’s getting Boring & Many People are Leaving”

YouTube banning all but leftist views

Have you been getting extremely bored of your YouTube feed lately? Yes? Us too… Have you also noticed many channels no longer being in existence, and or changing entirely, or not even popping up in your search results anymore? Yes?  Us too…  

It’s therefore time to do some further investigation into just why this is happening, coming right from the mouths of some of YouTube’s original creators, who made the platform into what it is today. But, they haven’t been treated fairly due to YouTube’s leftist, “book burning agenda” in censoring anyone that doesn’t think like they do, in turn, affecting their reach and also their desire to even keep going on the platform.

Yes, you’ve heard all about it, YouTube censorship is very real, as they continue eliminate the viewpoints that don’t adhere to the socialist utopia that they’re trying to sculpt, at the expense of viewers and content creators that just do not align with their views. But, if it’s bearded ladies, pro-abortion, LGBTQ overdrive, transgender children and anything else which makes the devil happy, so this will continue and that should all be fine on the platform for years to come…

So, without further a due, lets get an intrinsic look into some very pissed off YouTuber’s that are being stripped of their livelihood, as YouTube continues to sell-out the platform into more of a corporate television style platform, that people first went to YouTube, in order to avoid. But, there you go! We are receiving this information from them, and we think they need to be heard.

Seemingly, YouTube is turning into cable television, with more and more corporate programming showing up in people’s feeds and in the now very boring ‘trending’ category. Furthermore, as the  flagrant censorship of numerous content creators continues, we can say that we already told you so…  This is only scratching the surface of how momentous this censorship drive will become in the coming months, which is now making YouTube viewers get extremely bored and perhaps pack-up their viewership and attention span to other places.

Yes, soon enough, all your favourite YouTube channels may be gone, and all that will be left with is the liberal doctrine of video content, plus Shane Dawson, and also probably Jake Paul videos?

We’ve noticed the YouTube platform getting even more boring in recent weeks, and with plenty more corporate late night shows popping up in your feeds, this is turning into a major snooze fest, quite quickly, isn’t it?

Yes, and as we all know, those pesky late night shows are just false news narratives disguised as comedy. Yet, nobody is genuinely laughing… Plus, there is no such thing as politically correct humour, for instance.

These are sad times and soon enough, it will be sad times for YouTube, as many believe that Google’s censorship tactics will backfire, since not only will content creators abandon creating content on the platform, but also the viewers, will ultimately abandon their attention spans away from YouTube platform, for greener and more “free speech” pastures of video content, in the coming months and years.

Don’t believe us? Well, think of it like this, if you’d really rather want to watch more cable TV, then you’d just keep on subscribing to cable TV, wouldn’t you? YouTube are selling out their space to corporate interests, and probably should be called anything but, “You-Tube” in future, and switch to maybe “They-Tube” or something else?

We’re not sure, but it’s getting very drab, watching YouTube fall from grace with their leftist censorship spiel, and the content creators and viewers have seemingly had just about enough of it. People are, and will start abandoning YouTube, very soon.

YouTube CEO, Susan Diane Wojcicki, says that YouTube supports all views, yet are banning conservatives, libertarians and anyone that isn’t a bonafide leftist, socialist, cross-dresser or a warped Democrat, so you can always be sure that anything but that, will not be found on YouTube for much longer. Oh and make-up tutorials, as Paul Thomas Watson kindly pointed out.

The San Francisco, Silicon Valley view on all viewpoints, is just their view, and no other views, but the one that is pushed by the mainstream agenda, in the same vein that YouTube will push for everybody to drink the same Kool-Aid, along with their corporate backers and newly found sponsors. Or?

This is seemingly no longer You-Tube, this is something else entirely, and it’s high time another platform rises up from the ashes of their failings, to bring the public a “free speech” platform, which isn’t going to go the same way as biased ‘Google’s’ YouTube has gone, wouldn’t you agree?

So, please comment your views on the social media censorship phenomenon in the comment section down below, to share your own personal experiences with the YouTube platform. We don’t think it’s just us, who have become increasingly bored by YouTube lately, and much of this must be down to their censorship agenda?

Clearly, it’s getting boring and many people are leaving, as result of this move by Google’s YouTube. Since we can count countless channels that have been compromised already, and numerous videos that have even had their view counts suppressed for years, let alone be hidden in search results, or have their reach eliminated, and to many creators ultimately being completely demonetized on the platform.

But, there may be something positive in all of this, and that’s that when you need to fall firmly asleep, in record time, the future that YouTube promises, will be just the place to login to, in order to fall asleep in under two minutes flat. Zzzzzzzzzzz….


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit:  CartoonMovement

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