A$AP Rocky Caught Up in Fight with Migrant Men in Stockholm, Sweden

A$AP Rocky Sweden Stockholm fight Migrant Man

A$AP Rocky was on his Scandinavian tour in Stockholm, Sweden, last night and got into an extended altercation with some unrelenting migrant men, whom were obviously the furthest from Swedish that you could ever get. Yes, don’t get it twisted, these weren’t your usual spawns of ABBA, now were they?

So, do not get it confused, this is not a Swedish person, nor is his friend in the now leaked video, and for whatever reason the two migrant male imports, kept on following A$AP Rocky and his entourage for several blocks, after what seemed like a night out on the town, lasting for eternity.

In the released video footage, A$AP Rocky’s security can be heard telling the two migrant men to leave them alone and to stop following them for several minutes. However, the migrant man in the white polo shirt, speaking in very broken and drunken English, accuses A$AP Rocky of breaking his headphones. Plus, the migrant man also brazenly starts fighting A$AP Rocky’s security guard in a moment of clear insanity.

Also, later on, a girl can also be heard in the video, accusing the migrant men of forcefully touching many women’s posteriors that very night, and all of this, resulted in A$AP Rocky’s patience coming to an end, along with his entourage also finally losing their patience with the migrant man, and thus, tossing the migrant man onto the pavement in probably a justified manoeuvre, followed by some very unnecessary punches. But, it’s clear that the migrant man had earlier started a fight with A$AP Rocky’s security guard.

A$AP Rocky and his entourage were clearly harassed for several minutes, over some headphones, that may not have even have existed in the first place.

A$AP Rocky fight Stockholm

A$AP Rocky throws the annoying, and annoyed migrant man to the ground in Stockholm, Sweden, outside the Max Bar. Credit: Tooshared

What actually happened with the headphones or were there really any headphones, still remains unclear… Let’s take a look at the video now, shall we? And see just what happens when A$AP Rocky meets some of the EU’s imported migrant men on the streets of Stockholm.

Erm… can you say ‘major culture clash’? But, were there ever any headphones to speak of, and was A$AP Rocky just ultimately being harassed too much, until he finally lost his patience? You be the judge! Watch!

Surely, this is an embarrassment, for not only the migrant man, but to A$AP Rocky, as well as to, more importantly the streets of Stockholm, since Rocky has now been arrested for the assault, and presumably won’t be released until Friday, meaning that tonight’s show in Norway has also been cancelled. There will be many disappointed fans in Norway tonight, and whose to blame? Quite possibly, the migrant man or boy…

So, what about this man’s headphones, and what actually happened here? Will the police also now investigate the incident, where the migrant men, were also accused of touching many women’s butts that evening, in a direct affront to the #MeToo movement? This might be where A$AP Rocky decided to react.

We cannot say either way, but this video says a lot about the nerve of the migrant man, and his refusal to leave A$AP Rocky and his entourage alone, after repeatedly being told to leave by his security and even fighting him on the street, despite being half his size. A$AP Rocky also told him to leave numerous times, and that he really didn’t want any trouble.

Was A$AP Rocky and his entourage justified to assault the migrant man? Were there any headphones even involved? And, would most people really ever call this person “Swedish?”

Lastly, is the city of Stockholm, Sweden, even still safe at night time from such incidents taking place? So many questions, but as of now, there’s so few answers. Who was in the wrong here? Please tell us in the comments section down below, to help clarify this unfortunate situation.


Story by The Narrator

Featured Photo Credit: TMZ

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