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As the headline reads, we will be taking a break from the news for an undetermined period of time, but at this stage, it’s only a temporary break from our usual written news coverage. 

However, we may be back sooner than expected, when something extra newsworthy arises, but until then, since we’ve already done a lot to cover the more interesting news stories, both past and present, that you can still find in our handy search bar on the top right-hand side of the webpage, to keep you informed on what’s really happening in the mean time.

You’ll find that we have been correct about numerous news stories all along, using logic and common sense as a platform, against the lies of the left, giving you the news as it should be, with truth.

But, even in being right all the time, calls for a well deserved rest, as the news landscape is truly never-ending. But, so are the lies of the “fake news” media, but if you’ve been following along, you’d be able to identify all the “fake news” stories and also identify all the “selective outrage” stories by now. Plus, why certain things happen in order to fit their own biased agenda, as we’ve witnessed time and time again.

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Search for some news in our handy search bar (top right) and if you’ve read most, or have been following along, then you’d already know WHY what is happening today, is actually happeningCredit: SearchNews

So, to be notified when our next post goes live again, please follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and you’ll also be able to enjoy our entertaining side content. Don’t worry, we will be back, soon enough!


Date to be confirmed!

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