‘Democratic Socialists of America’ Convention is Summed Up in Ridicule


Last week, you may have come across some unbelievable highlights, or even some sound bytes of the recent Democratic Socialists of America convention, where the consensus from onlookers regarding these democratic socialists is that they embody all that is bizarre, since… Continue Reading

CNN Democrat National Clown Debate was a Circus of “Fake News” (1st Night, 2nd Round)


Last night’s second Democrat nominee debate live on CNN, was likened to a ‘Democrat National Clown’ debate out of a catastrophic circus, where “Fake News” and anti-Trump propaganda dominated throughout, and at times it was far more than comical, or… Continue Reading

Donald Trump’s Comedic Comments on Bill Clinton’s Indiscretions during White House Tours are Epic!

President Donald Trump isn’t just a master negotiator, business man and tactical genius, but he’s also a sarcastically gifted comedian, since the news has just come out in the largely untrue memoir, called ‘Team of Vipers’, that on White House… Continue Reading

Jimmy Kimmel Crashes His BMW on The Sunset Strip

Happy Friday everyone! On the day when the GOP are about to “release the memo” about the FBI collusion with the Democrats, Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration spying on Trump, and engaging in conspiracy laden treasonous tactics before and… Continue Reading

Mike Tyson: “Hillary Clinton is America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer”

Mike Tyson is currently testing out his one man live show in Las Vegas called Undisputed Truth 2 to small crowds, since Las Vegas is apparently pretty quiet right now. It doesn’t have anything to do with Tyson, but it may have something… Continue Reading

Chris Rock Announces First UK Stand Up Tour in Ten Years

Former funny man Chris Rock, 52, has had many hugely unsuccessful films in recent years, perhaps only second to Adam Sandler, so obviously he’s realised that he’s perhaps better at stand-up comedy after such incredibly bad film flops like ‘Top… Continue Reading

The Best of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Statue. A total bust!

One of the greatest footballers of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo, who led his national team of Portugal to the 2016 European Championship final and then won it, despite being injured in the final, brought the trophy back home to his… Continue Reading

Dave Chappelle Makes Unexpected Cameo In Chris Rock’s Stand Up Show

Stand up comedian Dave Chappelle made an unexpected cameo appearance during Chris Rock’s return to stand up comedy in New Orleans on Saturday night at the Saenger Theatre, with an impromptu and candid 30 minute session of jokes which Dave… Continue Reading

Times When The Simpsons Made You Go “Hmm”

The Simpsons from Springfield, have now been around for twenty-nine seasons, and it is confirmed that the much-loved TV series will continue, until at least the very end of 2019, with season 30 already in the works. During that time… Continue Reading