A Legally Binding Contract Will Now Be Available Before Sex

In a society where cis-gender men are reported for sexual assault every 2.3 seconds a day for accidentally brushing past a woman, the age of practicality and common sense are all but a distant memory. Men get publicly shamed and outed.… Continue Reading

Sugar Daddy Advert Banned in Brussels

In Brussels, a rather crass promotion of a Sugar Daddy dating website, which had been strewn across billboards on lorries in the Belgian capital, has now seen politicians ban the adverts encouraging women to seek out Sugar Daddies to supplement… Continue Reading

Why Dating a Liberal Snowflake is Impossible

In these liberally indoctrinated and brainwashed times of the youth in the western world, let’s call it at most people between the ages of 18-years-old to 28-years-old, since during recent times there’s most definitely been a perennial shift in the… Continue Reading

Dating Trends: What Exactly Is A Sapiosexual And What Is A Stupisexual?

You know about online dating, right? Have you ever tried it? Did it work for you? We’re willing to bet that you might even be one of those “Sapiosexuals” we hear so much about. It’s probably written on your dating… Continue Reading

That’s The Way Relationships Usually Crumble

Who’s ever fallen in love before? Some already have, some haven’t and some never will, but many and quite a few people are well versed in relationships. Whilst, some will most definitely be in for a few surprises along the… Continue Reading

15 Ways In Which Being Single Is A Better Option For You

Remember that fairy tale happy ever after we were indoctrinated to believe as unassuming children? Well, it was all a complete and utter lie, it does not exist! Your Disney Prince or Princess or gender neutral significant other, will not… Continue Reading

Pamela Anderson Confesses Love for Julian Assange

Whilst, most of Hollywood is still completely under satanic control and worship, for example, do you remember the recent U.S. Presidential election? Where many celebrities reared their ugly heads into backing Hillary Clinton, so blindly? They exemplified a clear lack… Continue Reading

J. Lo News: Jennifer Lopez is now Dating Alex Rodriguez

One topic that shows no signs of slowing down is the phenomenon of who Jennifer Lopez is dating next. Every day there are reports and rumors of the Bronx natives’ dating schedule and of who is next in line on… Continue Reading

TINDER SELECT: Secret Club for the Social Media Elite Revealed

Hey, do you know that dating app called Tinder? Hmmm, no not really, please refresh our memory, would you? Well, it’s that swipe left and right app that people spend time on (f*ck knows how long?) until you match up… Continue Reading