Monsanto’s weed killer Roundup containing Glyphosate found in popular Wines & Beers

California Wines Glyphosate

Today comes some seriously damning news for major beer brands and also for California wines, which are tainted with the cancerous carcinogen linked to Monsanto’s herbicide weed killer named ‘Roundup’ containing glyphosate, which has now been found inside at least… Continue Reading

EC President Jean-Claude Juncker is Exposed As A Blabbering Drunk

There’s very few people that we truly despise on this planet, but European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is a person that we have loathed for a very long time. Just his mere face alone is enough to make our eyes roll… Continue Reading

Starbucks Releasing New “Vampire Frappuccino” For Halloween

Good morning, Brainstainers. For those who live in the UK and USA who may have missed out on the quite lame virtue signalling Unicorn Frappuccino hype earlier this year, (and from what we understand, it wasn’t all that great), look out… Continue Reading

What Happens When You Drink An Energy Drink (After A Long Abstinence)

Ever felt so overwhelmed by monstrous work tasks ahead, since you’re beyond tired, you didn’t sleep enough and you have to storm through a thousand tasks at god speed. What do you do? Your heart is now too old for… Continue Reading

Does Drinking Milk Make You A White Supremacist?

Got milk? We hope for your sake, you haven’t. If you are currently reading this and are in the process of pouring milk into your tea, then you are a racist and a probably member of the KKK, too. Shame on… Continue Reading

The St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl Shenanigans Guide

Hear, hear! It’s St. Patrick’s Day, the day where mainly the Irish and lots of alcoholics rejoice, celebrating the most famous patron Saint of the Emerald Isles’ passing, by commemorating the day of Saint Patrick’s death on March 17th within… Continue Reading