Why the New ‘Tiny Penis’ Hand Gesture Emoji is Damaging and Sexist towards Men


It’s about time we acknowledge the blatant and out of control sexism towards men in 2019. From being accused of ‘toxic musicality’ while attempting to shave, to being put in dangerously biased unsafe environments where false rape accusations are as… Continue Reading

Middle Earth: Shadow of War (Preview) – Let’s ‘Ave It!

Here at Brainstain, we like to play and to play with power can be a lot of fun, just imagine the Ring, the precious Ring of Power, but you know, “power can blind to those that seek it”. Yes, you… Continue Reading

Urban Myths: Joseph Fiennes Plays Michael Jackson; Already, It’s Not Appreciated!

So, Sky Television have a new program coming out on their Sky Arts Channel, rolling out an original comedy skit series, called ‘Urban Myths’, which will premier on Thursday, January 19th, in 2017 and which has been described by Sky… Continue Reading

Mike Tyson to Train Chris Brown for that Soulja Boy Beating

Iron Mike Tyson is the greatest and most lethal boxer in history and he has announced that he will be training Chris Brown for the up and coming boxing event against Hip-Pop artist, Soulja Boy. This beef is heating up… Continue Reading

Friday the 13th The Game (Preview)

At Brainstain, we love ourselves an original video game and especially a crowd funded game like the Friday The 13th: The Game, which shows it’s true desire from the people to become a reality. Perhaps, we are a bit late… Continue Reading


Here at Brainstain we like games, all sorts of games, especially the one’s that push the limits of real life in juxtaposition to a virtual reality, readily available through the wonders of modern day gaming today. ‘Watch Dogs 2’ (buy… Continue Reading