The Oscars 2019 Winners List and Left Wing Virtue

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The stage was set in Los Angeles on Sunday for the 91st Academy Awards, all be it, without an official host, since Kevin Hart would not host the event after the “witch hunt” on so-called old homophobic tweets, which was… Continue Reading

Scott Baio Calls Out George Clooney On $1 Billion Tequila Sale

We hope everyone had a lovely weekend, since it was pretty relaxed and very much like “Happy Days” and so now we’re back at it again, after the news of last weeks Tequila company sale by George Clooney for a… Continue Reading

Tim Allen calls out Liberal Fascism in Hollywood (Plus, Why People are Fed Up with Tinseltown)

Tim Allen, 63, is that well liked actor, famous for playing ‘Santa Claus’ and being the star of ‘Home Improvement’ and also the voice of ‘Buzz Lightyear’ from ‘Toy Story’, recently came out and said what many people have been… Continue Reading

Why CNN is Fake News and Are The Biggest Fake News Source, Ever!

Yesterday CNN, ran a theoretical story of what would happen if Donald Trump and Mike Pence were assassinated before the Inauguration, which goes ahead today on January 20th. In case you missed it, here’s that link. Absurd and disgusting, just… Continue Reading

Liberal Intolerance, Delusions & Hypocrisy with Meryl Streep & George Clooney

It’s been quite a year of Presidential Elections and also for general political commentary arising from the Hollywood elite, who some might say are greatly out of touch with the “real world”; especially when aligned with their views on politics.… Continue Reading

Has Political Correctness Gone Too Far?

We live in a society where many will find something ‘offensive’. What is ‘offensive’ to someone could be seen as simple banter or a joke to another person. But, what is merely a personal opinion could potentially be blown out… Continue Reading