Disney Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Underpaying Female Employees

Disney Gender Pay Gap Lawsuit

Most would think valuing male staff over female staff would be something of the past, right? Not so, apparently, as the Walt Disney Co. are being sued over claims of underpaying their female staff by large margins. San Fransisco-based law… Continue Reading

Are Shopping Carts Actually Sexist?

“Could a member of staff please go to aisle three, a radicalised and menopausal feminist customer has complained that she finds the sight of a particular banana offensive and totally sexist’’  Could this be the tannoy announcement that you’ll soon… Continue Reading

Battle of the Sexes: The Gender Pay Gap

Emma Stone has recently revealed to the media that her co-stars in the up and coming film ‘Battle of the Sexes’ have taken a pay cut to ensure she received an equal rate of pay to her male co-stars. Ironically, the… Continue Reading

Mila Kunis: Felt Objectified!

Young 33–year old mother and actress Mila Kunis, married to Ashton Kutcher, since July 4th, 2015, “very patriotic” indeed, has come out and said that whilst working in Hollywood, she felt objectified. Without saying that this comes with the territory,… Continue Reading