Apple to Fix FaceTime “Eavesdropping” Bug

An issue has recently come to light regarding a bug in Apple’s FaceTime software. The bug would allow the user to call anyone with FaceTime, but you could immediately hear the audio coming from the other end, even before the… Continue Reading

Are Matt Groening and The Simpsons Time Travellers?

The longest running television series in history is The Simpsons, which has surely touched all our lives in some way, with their lovable characters, such as Homer, Lisa, Bart and Marge, and in producing a whole town of Springfield for… Continue Reading

Why Do People Call On Facetime?

Now, have you ever had the annoyance of receiving a call on FaceTime, the epitome of a serious invasion of privacy, taken up ten notches from your usual phone call, that might just have disturbed you all the same? ┬áBut,… Continue Reading