A rogue Starbucks Coffee Cup ruins ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 4

Starbucks coffee cup on Game of Thrones was a mistake

Not many people can say that they haven’t watched a single episode of ‘Game of Thrones’, but at Brainstain, we can gladly say that we’re apart of that exclusive group, which may now be justified after fans of GOT were… Continue Reading

Bunny Ranch Brothel Owner Dennis Hof Dies Aged 72

The world-renowned Bunny Ranch brothel owner, Dennis Hof, suddenly died on Tuesday from what is suspected to be a cardiac arrest, after going off to have sex with one of his prostitutes named Dasha. This news comes only ten days… Continue Reading

Jim Carrey Makes Reluctant Return To Hollywood With HBO’s “Kidding”

World renowned Canadian actor, Jim Carrey, has recently opened up about his decision to return to the entertainment industry after taking some time away from acting after some turbulent times. The 56-year-old will be returning to the spotlight for his new… Continue Reading

Hatred And The City: Kim Cattrall Hits Out At Former Co-Star Sarah Jessica Parker

The year of 2018 was set to be the ultimate year of feminism and girl power with the Spice Girls dusting off their platform boots and stiletto heels and getting the band back together again, not to mention the much… Continue Reading

Golden Globes 2018 Winners & Reaction

Well, the Golden Globes came and passed with plenty of black gowns, some jibes at Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, some unexpected winners, and even some slightly okay humour from Seth Myers, which went a long way to surpass his… Continue Reading

Ed Sheeran Quits Twitter After Game of Thrones Cameo Backlash

So, who likes Game of Thrones? Apparently many people do, but now not so much anymore, as all of a sudden, singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran mysteriously appeared on HBO’s Game of Thrones in the last episode, complete with singing and all.… Continue Reading

Sex in the Multicultural City

Sex and the City, an iconic staple in popular culture that requires little introduction. Well, unless you are living in Syria and have no access to cable or have never seen an independent, strong-minded woman with high testosterone of course.… Continue Reading

Is Westworld the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

A few weeks ago, we marvelled at the expose of Thandie Newton in the HBO series Westworld, since she’s a British Rose and all that, but we also promised that we would actually watch the series, as well. So, we’re… Continue Reading

Is Taylor Swift set to ‘Dazzle’ us?

In the X-men universe, there are strong rumours that Taylor Swift is set to be the newest addition to the team, set to appear as the mutant pop star ‘Dazzler’. This hearsay comes from actress Sophie Turner who is best known… Continue Reading