London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s “Green” flyer Miles are enough to reach the Moon & He’s Not invited to Trump’s State dinner at Buckingham Palace

Green Tax Sadiq Khan

It’s double whammy this week for London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who’s been pretty quiet lately about the knife crime epidemic in the capital, and also after his earlier outbursts about president Donald Trump not being welcome in London. But, what… Continue Reading

Sadiq Khan Bikini Blimp Goes Down A Treat In Parliament Square

Over the weekend in Parliament Square, Westminster, London, a crowdfunded blimp of London Mayor Sadiq Khan was flown up in the air, in response to the Donald Trump baby blimp that Sadiq Khan approved to be flown in the sky… Continue Reading

Anti-White Racist Transgender Activist Munroe Bergdorf Gets Verified on Twitter

It seems any old bigoted racist can receive the big blue tick of approval from Twitter these days, especially if your prejudiced views happen to be directed towards white people (cough… Buzzfeed!) or if you just so happen to be… Continue Reading

Post Today, Regret Tomorrow: Celebrities Under Fire Over Old Social Media Posts

We all may have said things over social media that we regret a few years down the line, but if you’re a famous celebrity, those old tweets and posts can come back to haunt you. In recent news, YouTube star… Continue Reading

Honouring the Hopkins: Why Katie Hopkins is a British Icon

Love her or hate her, Katie Hopkins has a voice and quite frankly is not afraid to speak her mind. Despite anyone resembling a Jeremy Corbyn fan claiming to be offended by her vast array of fiery opinions. There is… Continue Reading

6 Manifesto Key Points Under British Prime Minster Katie Hopkins

No one is safe from the leftist offence-takers and politically correct whining brigade it seems. Not even the undisputed queen of “saying it how it is” Katie Hopkins. We here at Brainstain are still in mourning that Katie Hopkins, the… Continue Reading

12 Reasons Why Katie Hopkins is the Undisputed ‘Queen of Twitter’

LBC Radio Presenter, Columnist for the Mail Online and representation of everything that is great about Britain, Katie Hopkins is an outspoken beacon of truth and light in a world gone crazy of fear of offending and hurting peoples feelings.… Continue Reading