Twitter Permanently Bans Alex Jones & InfoWars In Affront To The 1st Amendment

Yesterday social media giant Twitter went the extra mile in pure totalitarian censorship moves to permanently ban InfoWars and Alex Jones from their platform, as well as Periscope. Last month, InfoWars was banned, and had their pages removed from Apple,… Continue Reading

Never Go Full Libtard

As we promised here at Brainstain, we would do our best to uncover the videos from the 8th of November, when deluded liberals joined together in packs, and screamed at the sky in protest of the one year anniversary of… Continue Reading

Rachel Maddow’s Tax Return Special on Trump Backfires

Rachel Maddow is that very irritating liberal-leftie news anchor for MSNBC, the one that you can’t quite figure out, if it’s really a man and or a woman, but she’s been apart of the same machine that has tried to… Continue Reading