Trump Says Navy Seals Should’ve Killed Osama Bin Laden Much Sooner

President Donald Trump appeared on Fox News Sunday and expressed his firm view that the Navy Seals should’ve killed terrorist Osama Bin Laden much sooner, rather than letting him live in a three storey mansion in Pakistan for all those… Continue Reading

Two Beams Light Up Manhattan Skyline From Ground Zero For September 11th Tribute

Two amazing beams of light lit up the Manhattan skyline last night as part of the 17 year commemoration of the September 11th terrorist attack, and to those that lost their lives. The lights reach above where the Twin Towers… Continue Reading

Evidence Proves Deep State Involvement Of Bush & Clinton Family In 9/11 Attack

A lot is happening every day, that’s not even on the news, from child trafficking and pedophile ring members being arrested who have links to high ranking Democrats, plus more shocking news is on the way. The Deep State are… Continue Reading