‘IT: Chapter Two’ Trailer Released and it’s Very Much up for Debate…

IT Chapter II Trailer

The Chapter II of IT just released its new trailer, based on the Stephen King novel by the same name, where the Losers’ Club are all grown up and they return to Derry, Maine, as a group because they fear… Continue Reading

Famous Belgian Clown Becomes Killer Clown

Now for some ominous and creepy news, which has us feeling very unsettled. This might just be the second killer clown after John Wayne Gacy, that preyed on little boys in his serial killer spree in America. Belgian clown Kevin… Continue Reading

The Eve of IT’s Arrival: The Clown is Back in Town

Today is the 7th of September, which means only two things. Firstly, it marks the eve of the release of IT, the feature film reimagining of Stephen King’s 1986 novel, IT, plus, it marks the modern progression from Tim Curry’s performance… Continue Reading