A Thousand People in Stockholm Demonstrate Against UN Migration Pact

“The Vikings are Waking up!” Well, it’s about time! Since over the weekend a thousand Swedes took to the streets of Stockholm, outside Rikstan (Parliament House) on Saturday to vocally protest the totalitarian pro-migrant European Union and United Nations Migration… Continue Reading

Is Starbucks now Racist?

In the latest episode of ‘everything is racist’, there was an incident at a Starbucks in Philadelphia last week, where two black men were arrested. They were hanging around in Starbucks for quite a long time, seated and not buying… Continue Reading

The 15 Most Virtue Signalling Signs At The #MarchForOurLives Rally

Hey kids, you know what time it is. It’s time to dust off those placards and channel that internal post-adolescent rage and march to the streets (again) and scream in unity and wave those fists and signs angrily in the… Continue Reading

Pussies, Periods and Pandemonium: 18 Pictures That Sum Up The Stupidity Of The Women’s March

So, over the weekend, a group of overly privileged western women followed in line rigidly by their male inferior slackies complete with male collective guilt tucked in between their legs, assembled together in public to wave their homemade banners angrily… Continue Reading

The Many Problems with Black Lives Matter

If you have been living under a rock, or simply registered blind or deaf (unlucky you) there is no escaping the social propaganda and strangle hold of Black Lives Matter. BLM have dominated the very existence of time and space. And apparently they ain’t… Continue Reading

20 Reasons Why Far Left Protesters Are Really Really Stupid

Profound hypocrisy, absolute lack of common sense and utter lack of tolerance with dissenting views, and that’s just their good side. Far left protesters are the bane of humanity who serve no purpose to the existence that is life. They are… Continue Reading

Liberal Lunacy Destroys Muslim Immigrant’s Limousine; Owner Faces Possible Bankruptcy

Liberal lunatics more like, deluded idiots, some of whom were paid plenty of money in conjoining with funding from George Soros, to violently protest the post-inauguration of Donald J. Trump, under the guise of a women’s rights protest, also funded… Continue Reading