Donald Trump Accuses Google Of Rigging Search Results To Show Fake News

President Donald Trump tweeted about the disparity and bias within the left wing media, and this time, he accused Google of only listing negative stories and fake news articles about him in their search results. Now, this is no new… Continue Reading

Donald Trump Doubles Down On Social Media Censorship At West Virginia Rally

On August 21st, in Charleston, West Virginia, during President Donald Trump’s address at his rally, he doubled down on the topic of the social media giants’ censorship of “free speech”, most notably of conservative voices in the online community and… Continue Reading

Facebook and Instagram To Release Time Limit Tools

Social media giants Facebook and Instagram will soon be releasing a new tool to their apps to limit how much time users spend on there. Both social media platforms announced this new tool, following the concern that too much social media… Continue Reading

Instagram and The Curse Of The New Question Sticker

OK, hands up… who has been asking random and totally inappropriate questions on Instagram with the social media platform’s newest feature? Well, in case you already didn’t know or have been too busy sticking crying ugly face Kim Kardashian stickers… Continue Reading

What Happened To The Email Inbox?

Do you remember the days when your email inbox consisted of emails that you would actually read and reply to? Maybe you do, and it was almost ten years ago. Nowadays, we don’t have just one email account, the average… Continue Reading

The Evil Twitter Egg Has Finally Cracked

Eggs, some people see them as a form of life for non-mammals, some see them as a form of breakfast and well, some Twitter users see them as a sign of an abusive Twitter account that violates their existence and safe place. Yes,… Continue Reading