‘IT: Chapter Two’ Trailer Released and it’s Very Much up for Debate…

IT Chapter II Trailer

The Chapter II of IT just released its new trailer, based on the Stephen King novel by the same name, where the Losers’ Club are all grown up and they return to Derry, Maine, as a group because they fear… Continue Reading

Beware the Rabid Fox Attacking People in New York’s Suburbs

They say that it’s safer out in the suburbs, and with zombified K-2/Spice users languishing in metropolitan New York City in certain drugged out areas like in parts of Midtown and Brooklyn, that would seem to be true, unless you’re… Continue Reading

Riverdale takes on Carrie The Musical in Latest Episode

American teen drama series, Riverdale, based off the characters from the Archie Comics, takes on the musical adaptation of Stephen King’s Carrie in its newest episode. The show will take a more fun and lighter approach for the episode, as opposed… Continue Reading

Burger King Russia Wants “IT” Movie BANNED for “Advertising McDonalds”

Based on the novel by Stephen King, the theatrical release of IT has probably become the most popular horror film of the year. It has grossed over $400 million worldwide, and has received critical praise since its release. However, others… Continue Reading

The Eve of IT’s Arrival: The Clown is Back in Town

Today is the 7th of September, which means only two things. Firstly, it marks the eve of the release of IT, the feature film reimagining of Stephen King’s 1986 novel, IT, plus, it marks the modern progression from Tim Curry’s performance… Continue Reading

Second IT Trailer Released

Things are starting to get critical in Derry, Maine, where yet more and more children have been going missing throughout the years, well in the mind of Stephen King anyway and with his shape-shifting evil entity of IT or “Pennywise the… Continue Reading

NEW “IT” TRAILER UNLEASHED! Horror Fans Rejoice!

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about how the new film trailer for the remake of Stephen King’s “IT” had made the audience scream at SXSW and so we had to do a follow-up report featuring the trailer itself,… Continue Reading

Brainstain’s Favorite Film Characters: Jack Torrance

Here at Brainstain, sometimes we need to revert back to our original running series of ‘Favorite Film Characters’, to pay homage to our original fan following and also to celebrate those unforgettable film icons, that we would definitely be welcome… Continue Reading

New IT Trailer made Crowds Scream at SXSW

Every once in a while, a film re-make will be on the cards, that many people have really high expectations for, only for them to be dashed into the ground with the film being a total disappointment. But, with Stephen… Continue Reading

Creepy Clown Sightings: P. Diddy isn’t Happy!

Entertainment News

Due to the recent spat of persistent creepy clown sightings across America and the United Kingdom, leading up to the favourite family holiday for Pagan’s and Satanist’s in Halloween on October 31st, we thought it would only be right to… Continue Reading