TikTok developer ByteDance to produce its own Smartphone


The company behind the popular video-sharing app TikTok has announced it will be developing its own brand of smartphones.  TikTok’s owner, ByteDance, revealed the move after achieving patents and employees from Chinese multinational technology company, Smartisan. ByteDance owns numerous popular… Continue Reading

Death by E-Scooter? Lime and Bird E-Scooter Now Being Investigated for Many Deaths

E-Scooters, convenient or just plain dangerous? After another death in a series of severe injuries in US cities, there have been calls to re-examine the safety of e-scooters. Since quite clearly this new transport method, marketed to be green and… Continue Reading

UBER: Self Driving Cars Suspended

Self driving cars? Sure, we’ve heard of them, but please come back to reality now, could you? It seems like in the world of Tech companies and within their upbringing with Star Wars and Star Trek, they actually believe that… Continue Reading

Comedy Profiles: Sebastian Maniscalco

Celebrity Gossip

At Brainstain, we know the importance of laughter to lift up and brighten up your day. Today we take a closer look at the hilarious stand up comedy talents of Sebastian Maniscalco (profile), who is rapidly becoming one of the… Continue Reading